I’m starting this blog for a number of reasons. The blog is hopefully a place where I can voice my opinions on items that I buy or want to buy.

I’m on a journey to creating my perfect home. I think it will be a lifelong journey as I recall some things I wanted 10 years ago that seem laughable to me now. I don’t mind that though. We all develop over time as I hope this blog will.

I’m a mother so I love gadgets of convenience. I’m also searching for the way that I can organise my life so that I can have a successful career, cook great healthy food for my kids and give them all the attention they need to thrive and be happy. I may be sharing some of my experiments on this blog as well. Super mum’s, please feel free to comment (be kind to me, I’m trying my best).

I’m a hobby artist and crochet/knitter so I hope to explore some patterns and tips for better home haberdashery. I love being crafty and now my kids are old enough to enjoy creative messy play I’m looking forward to getting creative.

Another part time hobby is making and selling doughnuts on local food markets. I sell doughnuts under the name Punk Doughnut. Feel free to follow me on Facebook and twitter. I’ll hopefully be reviewing some of the joys of market trading and doughnut making with my subscribers.

I’m a bit of a chatterbox so I’ve also started my own YouTube channel to review goods or look at home and craft tips. I’ll be linking my videos to this blog. Fee free to subscribe.

If there is anything you would like me to review or write a post/make a blog on please leave me a comment or email me.